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Welcome to Nitrosrock, a website dedicated to the Nitro RC Cars as well as Buggies, Trucks and all the information you need to get up and running.

The RC Hobby is always growing, with a the UK having a hot range of models available here, but have a look around my site for articles and guides on the different models available for fast fun and racing.

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 Nitro Remote Control Cars

The first remote control cars we have here are the amazing self build nitro rc buggy from Nitrotek which has become one of the best sellers in the UK, and sells out fast to make sure you have a look at this, especially near Christmas as they are in very high demand.

The Cyclone self build Nitro car is a great way to learn not just how a nitro model works but also where and how to repair and maintain them as time goes by. So many people have review this model and given it 5/5 as they are so much fun to build yourself, run in then get racing knowing you have put all the hard work into building this Nitro RC cars model yourself.

Petrol RC Cars at Nitrorocks

Over the coming few days I will be adding a great range of Petrol remote control cars for those who want to move away from nitro based models onto the more sophisticated range of RC vehicles available in the UK.